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    September 2022

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Locala Podcast

Locala Podcast is diving deeper into the stories of our community. Now you can watch our video podcast on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcast app. Head to our list of published podcasts now and connect with the neighbors in your community.

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Fresh Start
Feature Story

Locala presents Songwriters Room

The Songwriter's Room is both a live-stream event and an in-person event. On the 2nd and 4th Monday evening of each month, Locala will host a musician for the live on Facebook and YouTube streaming event. It will be followed by a bi-monthly, in-person event where two of the musicians will be randomly chosen to participate.

  • Olivia Ortiz (Couch Sessions): Live Stream and In-person
  • Tony Ortiz (Couch Sessions): In-person co-host
  • Becky Baby (formally Becky Sinn): Live Stream
  • Joshua Jacobs (Feverdreams): Live Stream

Ticket information coming soon.
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Music, Improv, and Stories. What could go wrong?

Next In-Person Show: November 28th

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Locala, a locala Ocala magazine

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​About Us

Lisa Anderson, Publisher

Lisa Anderson

CEO and Publisher

Jodi Anderson

Senior Copy Editor

Joshua Jacobs

Media Manager
Robin Scheraga

Robin Scheraga

Sales Manager

Connection Through Stories

A Local Ocala Magazine

We believe in the power of stories to connect humanity, customers to business, and individuals to community. Our monthly publication is packed with personal stories from Ocala and Marion County residents.

Inside, you will find feature stories based on a monthly theme, articles and Access with a focus on the people needing special accessibility within the community, individuals Breaking Social Norms, The Chews Letter with stories about those in the food industry, local artists hiding out in the Artist Corner, and stories From the Paddock. Plus, you might just find stories about non-profits, employees, or customers sponsored by local businesses.

The Locala™ journey began with its first issue in June 2021, and it is published by Lisa Anderson Media, LLC, an indie publishing house focusing on books and community magazines. The company was founded in the spring of 2020 after the founder, Lisa Anderson, resigned during a furlough from a well-known media company amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Since then, the company has focused on bringing people together through the art of storytelling.

Publisher's Interview

Our publisher, Lisa Anderson, sat down with Deafine Podcast host, Jay. Watch to learn more about Lisa, her mission for Locala and Lisa Anderson Media, and how she works with the business community.

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Features & Stories

Each issue contains four features:

One Spotlight and three themed stories (new theme every month.)

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The Chews Letter

Read stories about the people who live, love, and work in the Ocala and Marion County food industry.

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From the Paddock

Ocala is known for its Equine industry. Get to know the people live and breathe the horse world.

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Breaking Social Norms

What do you get when a person of ingenuity sees outside the box? Someone who breaks social norms.

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When sponsors care about their employees, customers, or charities, they want to honor them.

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Lisa Anderson Media

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