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About Us

Locala™, published by Lisa Anderson Media, LLC, launched its first monthly issue on June 1, 2021. Our focus is personal and brand storytelling because it is, and has always been, the most powerful way to communicate and evoke emotions.

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Our Readers

  • 73% women/27% men
  • Average age 18-45 with larges group being 35-44, followed by 25-34
  • 60% readership in Ocala with 40% Marion County cities

Social Media

  • Facebook & Instagram average reach per month is 10K
  • Now a micro-influencer on Instagram
  • Added LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, & Patreon in late 2022


  • Over 15.2K digital magazine impressions from January to June 2022
  • Average monthly website views is 10K
  • 200 printed magazines distributed monthly

What We Offer

We offer a variety of ways for our readers to engage with us and our sponsors.

  • Free digital issue
  • Free PDF download
  • Free print issue at select locations
  • Yearly print subscription option
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Weekly E-Newsletter

Inside the Magazine

  • Breaking Social Norms
  • From the Experts
  • From the Paddock
  • The Chews Letter
  • Artist Corner
  • Themed Stories
  • Feature
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Editorial Calendar

  • Sept. 2022: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Oct. 2022: The History of Us
  • Nov. 2022: Gratitude
  • Dec. 2022: A Focus on Literacy
  • Jan. 2023: Rich with History (Black Community)
  • Feb. 2023: A Rainbow of Love
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​Breaking Social Norms

In this section you will find inspirational stories of individuals daring to step outside the box and break social norms.

Artist Corner

We love Ocala artists. Find stories, Q&A's, and educational material here. Now featuring content from the Appleton Museum of Art staff.

From the Experts

From tips to leadership, we work with leaders in our community and in business to bring educational content. Now featuring content from Dr. Manal Fakhoury.

​Themed Stories

Each issue includes three feature stories based on a new theme each month. We wait a minimum of five years before recycling a theme to keep the content fresh and engaging!

From the Paddock

The equine industry is the heart of Ocala, and, in this section, you will find beautiful stories about the people who live, thrive in, and grow the lifestyle.


Our feature story is the highlight of the magazine. A four- to eight-page story of people from our community.

The Chews Letter

Get to know the foodies and the restauranteurs in Ocala and Marion County on a deeper and more personal level. 

Chews Letter

Ad Sizes

Prices listed below are what you would pay per month.

The number on the left is month-to-month pricing. The reduced rate on the right reflects pricing for a 12-month contact and qualifies for grandfather rates.

Premium Ad Placement

Sizes with an asterisks (*) refer to premium ad placement. Ads in this category do not qualify for ad-size flexibility. 

1 x sale / contract
Back Cover*

Size: 8.75" x 7.875"

Margins: 0.75" / CMYK

1,200 / 1,150
Inside Front Covers*

Size: 8.5" x 11" + 0.125" bleed

Margins: 0.5" / CMYK / 2 pages

1,700 / 1,400
Inside Back Covers*

Size: 8.5" x 11" + 0.125" bleed

Margins: 0.5" / CMYK / 2 pages

1,600 / 1,300
Half-Page, Masthead*

Size: 3.75" x 5.125" / CMYK

Margins: 0.20" recommended

725 / 575
Ad-Size Flexibility

Your contract will reflect your preferred size, but you will have the flexibility to go up or down in size as needed. Ask for more info!

1 x sale / contract
Full Page

Size: 8.5" x 11" + 0.125" bleed

Margins: 0.5" / CMYK

850 / 700
Half-Page, Horizontal

Size: 7.75" x 5.125" / CMYK

Margins: 0.20 recommended

650 /550
Quarter Page

Size: 3.75" x 5.125" / CMYK

Margins: 0.20" recommended

450 /300

Available as a 2-page purchase.

See more information below.

1,500 / 1,200

See Media Kit for more information on our podcast sponsorship opportunities!

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin, Marketing Legend


An Advertorial is a way to showcase your business through the art of storytelling—highlighting your products, services, or knowledge. Connect with your audience on a deeper level by sharing your personal story!

  • 2-page story (minimum 750 words, maximum 900 words).
  • Includes interview, written article, story layout, and headshots.


A story connects you to your audience. It triggers an emotional connection. It is a way to look them in the eye and garner trust. What if you could engage with your audience, deepen relationships, get rave reviews, and gain new customers?

We created a pay-it-forward storytelling solution to help you accomplish this in one campaign. With a GIVERtorial, you'll not only get a full page ad, but you will also be sponsoring a 450 word (max) story about an employee, customer, or local non-profit organization. Contact us to learn more!

Average Facebook Ad CTR

The average Facebook ad click through rate (CRT) is 0.9 percent.

GIVErtorial CTR

Our GIVErtorial CTR has reached 19 percent from organic engagement due to shareable content.

Return on Investment

The ROI for an average Facebook ad is 4.5¢ versus the 95¢ ROI our GIVErtorials have reached.

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​Deadlines, Start Dates, & More

Deadlines are essential in the magazine industry. Below, you will find information about purchasing deadlines, payments, and artwork deadlines. (Note: Other than advertorials and GIVErtorials, we currently do not offer in-house design.)

Purchase Deadlines
Billing FAQ
Artwork Deadlines
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Media Kit
Purchase Deadlines

Purchase by February 23, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with April 2022 or later.

Purchase by March 25, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with May 2022 or later.

Purchase by April 22, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with June 2022 or later.

Purchase by May 27, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with July 2022 or later.

Purchase by June 24, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with August 2022 or later.

Purchase by July 27, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with September 2022 or later.

Purchase by August 24, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with October 2022 or later.

Purchase by September 23, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with November 2022 or later.

Purchase by October 21, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with December 2022 or later.

Purchase by November 11, 2022

Choose a starting issue beginning with January 2023 or later.

Billing FAQ

What are Grandfather Rates?

Grow your business, not your budget. Your rates will never increase as long as you renew your 12-month contract.

When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your invoices on the 15th of every month. It will begin on the month prior to your starting issue.

(e.g. Your starting issue is June. Your invoice will be sent via email on May 15th.)

Do I have to pay a 12-month contract upfront?

Payment in full is not expected for 12-month contracts. You will receive recurring invoices on the 15th, of the month if you have a 12-month contract. Payment in full is required for a month-to-month or one-time purchase.

Can I pay by check?

Invoices will arrive via the email address you provide. You will have the option to pay by credit card or ACH. You can also agree to automatic payments to avoid any late fees.

Artwork Deadlines
Download Design Specs
Issue Month/Year Artwork Due/Deadline
 September 2022August 9, 2022
October 2022September 7, 2022
November 2022October 7, 2022
December 2022November 4, 2022
January 2023December 4, 2022
February 2023January 2, 2023
March 2023February 1, 2023
April 2023March 1, 2023
May 2023March 31, 2023
June 2023May 1, 2023
July 2023June 1, 2023
August 2023June 30, 2023
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Media Kit

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