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Ocala, FL | His love of cars steered him towards a used car dealership. Read Dennis Gonzalez's story in our September 2022 issue.
09/01/2022 03:34 AM - Comment(s)
Saying Yes
Ocala FL | Lina Piedrahita is a real estate broker and owner of Professional Realty of Ocala, but her career looked a lot different when she graduated from the university in Colombia.
09/01/2022 02:51 AM - Comment(s)
Starting Over
Ocala FL | Alfredo Domenech ran a successful HVAC business in Puerto Rico, until the economy collapsed in 2013-2014.
09/01/2022 02:41 AM - Comment(s)
A Mother's Sacrifice
Ocala FL | Regina Jaramillo was only 13 years old when she and her two sisters left her parents in Colombia for a new life in Miami, Florida. She was the middle child, and her older sister was 21, while her younger sister was only 9 years old.
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It Will Get Better
Ocala, FL | Kim Fanucci knows what the rise and fall of business are like, and she will do whatever it takes to provide for her children. Read her story in our August 2022 issue.
07/30/2022 04:06 PM - Comment(s)
Ocala FL | Being a mother is often a life lived in selflessness, being a foster mom even more so. Joy Zedler embodies that to her core in the way she cares for her children. Read her story here!
07/30/2022 11:20 AM - Comment(s)
Babies & Balloons
Ocala FL | It can be hard to balance professional life with mom-life, but Julie Duncan makes sure her kids are priority. Read her story in out August issue
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A Photo a Day
Ocala FL | Meagan began as a sculptor, looking for a creative outlet. Now, she has made a beautiful life for herself and family with photography.
07/30/2022 11:14 AM - Comment(s)
The Mission Doesn't End
Ocala, FL | Brandy Forman and Sandi Cornell felt a calling to serve others. Although they took separate paths to their practice, Dignity Counseling. Read about their journeys in our July 2022 issue.
07/01/2022 12:25 AM - Comment(s)
A Twist of Fate
Ocala, FL | Harry Spencer is a well-respected business owner, but it was a tough road to get there. Read his story in our July 2022 issue now.
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