250 Miles of Hope

03/27/2023 03:00 PM By Lisa Anderson
Locala Podcast
Hosted by Lisa Anderson

250 Miles of Hope: Pedaling for Mental Health Awareness

Podcast Episode 26


In this inspiring 26th episode of the Locala Podcast, join host Lisa Anderson as she sits down with the incredible Jimbo Butler to discuss his ambitious 250-mile bike ride for an important cause. Jimbo's journey to raise awareness for mental health within the first responder and veteran communities is fueled by his own remarkable weight loss story and a passion for making a difference.

Tune in to hear about Jimbo's personal transformation, his plans for this epic bike ride, and the diligent preparations he's making to ensure success. Delve deeper into the conversation as Lisa and Jimbo explore the challenges faced by veterans and first responders when it comes to mental health, and how Jimbo's mission is shining a light on this critical issue.

Don't miss this heartfelt and informative episode that not only highlights the power of individual determination but also serves as a beacon of hope for those who struggle with mental health in these demanding professions. Subscribe to the Locala Podcast for more captivating conversations and inspiring stories!

Find Jimbo at: https://instagram.com/jimbo_diesel352 or https://instagram.com/join_the_jim

10 Can: https://www.10canoutdoors.com/events/coast-2-coast-for-hometown-heroes

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