Fasting Lifestyle (Podcast)

06/30/2023 08:59 AM By Lisa Anderson
Locala Podcast
Hosted by Lisa Anderson

Fasting Lifestyle: Vicki Sheerin Found the Courage to Live Her Best Life

Podcast Episode 40


Vicki Sheerin is no stranger to Locala. In August 2021, she was a featured artist from Couch Sessions (which eventually became a regular section in the magazine called Artist Corner). Then, in February 2022, she was on the front cover for the Healthy Heart issue.

Amidst grief over the sudden loss of her husband, Vicki still managed to lose over 200 pounds. She did it through intermittent fasting, which allowed her to be in her emotions, instead of using food as a coping mechanism.

Over a year later, Vicki is still telling her story to anyone who will listen, because her ultimate desire is to help others find their health. In this podcast interview, you’ll hear Vicki talk about what she has been doing with her art, how her podcast is going, and how a trip to Greece transformed her life.

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