Growing Within (Podcast)

05/26/2023 12:00 PM By Lisa Anderson
Locala Podcast
Hosted by Lisa Anderson

Growing Within: She's Doing the Work to be Her Authentic Self

Podcast Episode 35


Whether you are born to be a boss or not, figuring out who you are in life is inevitable, as Julianna (Julie) Harlow has discovered since her original article came out in April 2022.

Back then, Julie was focused on presentation and keeping her age to herself. She dressed the way she thought a young entrepreneur should dress, and intentionally rounded her maturity up to 30 instead of her true age of 21 years.

These days, Julie is letting her true self shine through, and it is fun to see the transformation. Being a young twenty-something and dressing the part doesn’t make her any less efficient at her job. One could argue setting herself on a path to discover and show her authentic self makes a better businesswoman. It certainly lends itself to more smiles—even in a tough year.

In our follow-up podcast interview with Julie, she talks about her growing company, gushes about her sister, and expands on being a self-aware 22-year-old.

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