Latina Bakery

06/01/2023 04:12 AM By Lisa Anderson
Woman in her early twenties, dark hair pulled back, wearing black v-neck long sleeve shirt and jeans, leaning against the corner of a brick wall
Ariana Caraballo
Interviewed by Lisa Anderson • Photo by Joshua Jacobs

Latina Bakery

Young Entrepreneur Strives to Always Enjoy the Process

I want to still love it every time I hit the kitchen and I turn the oven on and I start my prep work. 

-Ariana Caraballo

In August 2021, a new section of stories was added to the magazine. Ariana Caraballo was among the first stories in the Chews Letter department. Now, she’s the first person from that department to be interviewed for the podcast!

In the original article, Ariana talked about starting her bakery business during the 2020 shutdown. It has been a fruitful couple of years for this young baker.

Ariana tells us in this latest interview about the growth of her bakery, future plans for expansion, a new side hustle, and her passion for food artistry.
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Lisa Anderson