Life's Choreography

06/01/2022 12:02 AM By Joshua
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Bailey Vaughn
Bailey Vaughn
Story by Lisa Anderson • Photos by Joshua Jacobs

Life’s Choreography

Ballet Dancer Spins with Bar & Bubbles

“You know all those billboards of The Nutcracker? That was me!” exclaims Bailey Vaughn, manager for Marion Mobile Bar and Bubbles. “I have always been a dancer. I have a degree in dance for choreography. Once you can choreograph human bodies, you can pretty much put together anything. So, I think that’s how I naturally ended up in this role with the Mobile Bar and with Kim. I like to solve problems, and I like to tell people what to do,” she says with a smirk.

Kim Fanucci purchased Marion Mobile Bar and Bubbles at the end of 2021, and Bailey came on board at the same time. “I’m super passionate about Ocala,” says 25-year-old Bailey. “I’m super passionate about all the moving parts, and with the Mobile Bar, there’s so many moving parts.”

Building Community

Bailey grew up in Dunnellon but considers Ocala to be her home away from home. “If you wanted to do anything, you’d venture into Ocala. I think it’s really special, because I think that I have a really different outlook on the world than most people, having grown up in this area where there wasn’t much.

“My dad owned an art gallery in Dunnellon. We were in [Ocala] all of the time [and] involved in the arts. I think growing up here makes you value community. That’s something I want to really resonate with the work that I do with the bar. I don’t think there’s anything that says ‘Ocala’ more than a horse trailer bar. I get thrilled about finding ways to integrate us into the community.”
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Learning and Passion

“Kim and I have been figuring things out. It’s really great working with her and under her, because she also has another very successful business in town. It’s amazing how she did that herself, not to mention raising four children by herself at the same time. How do you do that? It’s not like she’s a tycoon, either. She’s a great person, too. She’s really a great employer and business owner. I really appreciate working with her and how she looks at and does things. That’s something I really like to model when conducting the [bar] business.”

Bailey is the main point of contact for their clients, and she gets to help create drinks and even hand paint the menus. The latter is one of her favorites, because she customizes the menus to fit the personalities of the clients. “It’s my version of a well-wish,” she explains.

A trained doula, Bailey uses these skills and her choreography training to create a calm, well-orchestrated environment for their clients. “I want Marion Mobile Bar and Bubbles to be something that is a fixture. I want community events to happen, and I want everyone to expect to find us there. I just want it to be an expectation that we will be there.”
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