Living Balanced

06/01/2023 03:06 AM By Lisa Anderson
Middle aged woman with long brown hair wearing dark jeans and white button down top, standing in front of white backdrop
Tamara Dillon
Interviewed by Lisa Anderson • Photo by Lisa Anderson

Living Balanced

This Nurse Found a Work-Life Balance

I have so many hard days. The  great days are much more in numbers. But,  you know, every now [and then] you have a bad day. And [my mom] just keeps encouraging me. She put me on the right path.

-Tamara Dillon

In 2021, Tamara Dillon sat down for an interview with Locala magazine. Her makeup was done, and she was wearing a blue-patterned dress and a smile. It was clear, however, that she was exhausted.

She began her career as a nurse in the middle of the COVID pandemic. It was demanding and strenuous work, but Tamara saw the reward in it, too.

Now, nearly two years later, Tamara’s entire demeanor is that of someone who is as light as a feather. Her smile no longer hides the weariness in her eyes. She has found that illusive work-life balance, but it wasn’t an easy road there.

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Lisa Anderson