Locala Magazine, August 2023

08/01/2023 12:15 AM By Lisa Anderson
August 2023 | Vol. 03 | No. 03

For the Love of Food

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Dear Ocala,

Welcome to our August issue of “For the Love of Food,” where we celebrate the culinary wonders of our beloved Ocala community. This month, we have delved deep into the lives of individuals who share a common passion for food, bringing you their inspiring stories that will leave you with a heightened appreciation for the artistry and dedication behind every meal.

Join us as we embark on a flavorful journey of local baked goods from Christy Cruz and Tiffany Lopez, owners of Baked & Co, a new bakery that specializes in baked goods such as specialty scones, muffins, and miniature pie-like treats called dumplings (page 20), and Yina (pronounced Jeanna) Orejuela, owner of Color Sugar, whose delicate macarons will leave you wanting more (page 7).

We venture into the bustling world of food trucks, where we encounter Carlos Gonzalez—an Ocala native, who started cooking with his dad at age 9 (page 14). His high school culinary teacher “spoke life into [him] about the culinary aspect and where it could take [him].”

Speaking of teachers, a passion for food landed Patrick Stanley a culinary career at a local high school (page 10). You’ll enjoy hearing about his love for teaching and experimenting with recipes, his acting career, and his musical journey. 

Finally, we head to the arts community with a Q&A with photographer Randy Batista (page 27), and one of the Magnolia Art Xchange’s (MAX) new resident artists, Gabi Zuniga (page 25).

As you read through the pages of this issue, we hope you’ll be inspired by the stories of these remarkable individuals, who have dedicated their lives to the art of food. May their journeys ignite your own culinary passions and remind you of the power that food holds to bring communities together.

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Bon appétit!
Lisa Anderson
Publisher & CEO

Lisa Anderson