Locala Magazine, February 2023

02/01/2023 12:12 AM By Lisa Anderson
February 2023 | Vol. 02 | No. 09

Rainbow of Love

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Letter from the Editor
Lisa Anderson

Dear Ocala,

It’s the season of love. Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a greeting card holiday or a special celebration, you can’t deny that love is in the air.

However, while you are reading this in February, surrounded by pink and red hearts, I’m writing this a week before Christmas. For me, it’s currently the season of love, kindness, peace, and joy. I love this community. There’s a sense of togetherness and acceptance this time of year.

Disappointingly, not everyone in the community aspires to tolerance and inclusion. Our photographer was shooting one of the people featured in this issue when a group of teenagers began harassing them and shouting obscenities. Children learn from the example of adults, but those witnessing the scene did not step in as allies.

I have said in many presentations, in interviews, and on our website, that Locala is built on diversity and connections through stories. The lives we live are our stories, and our stories can weave together the threads of our humanity.

In the season of love, in every season, and in the spirit of bringing our community together, it is my hope that you read this issue with as much eagerness and open-mindedness as you have every issue that has come before it.

Settle in for delightful stories from the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Our featured love story is that of married couple Alicia and Tina Northcott (page 24). Learn more about PFLAG and raising a transgender son from Jill Carel (page 12). Rodney Harper (page 9) and Tim Smith (page 14) tell us about their journey to finding and accepting themselves.

And don’t forget to check out the other amazing stories, beginning with mountain biker Ken Wade (page 6) and Graze and Prosper owner Sabrina Lewis (page 29). Finally, take a colorful step into the Artist Corner (page 33).

Let us show our community spirit, embrace the love around us, and focus on connections through our stories.

Most Sincerely,
Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson