Locala Magazine, January 2023

12/30/2022 12:20 AM By Lisa Anderson
January 2023 | Vol. 02 | No. 08

Rich with History

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Letter from the Editor
Jodi Anderson

Dear Ocala,

Moving into a new year grants us the opportunity to reflect on the past and use what we learned to grow and evolve. This month, we highlight some people who have done just that. John Jackson (page 28) overcame sickness and poverty to become a successful entrepreneur and mentor. Former model Joi Tyler (page 14) changed her perspective through traveling the world. Eugina Lewis (page 9) held on to her dreams through a stint as a corrections officer and opened her own lashing business and academy. And Billy Buchanan (page 12) persevered to become an award-winning musician.

Our specialty departments also showcase some inspiring stories. Ashleigh Bennett (page 33) worked through her grief to follow her cake-baking passion, and Joey Perez (page 18) had a successful career at UPS before finally fulfilling his dream of owning a horse farm. Mother of six and life coach Tanesha Mills (page 6) uses her personal challenges to encourage others never to give up.

Be sure to check out our incredible artists! Activist and author Bruce Seaman (page 39) writes about a little-known plantation raid during the Civil War. And Hiromi Mizugai Moneyhun (page 37) cuts intricate designs out of paper, creating sculptures that play with shadow and light.

We wish you abundance in every form this year. May you have the strength and courage to overcome challenges and to grow! 

Happy New Year!
Jodi Anderson