Locala Magazine, June 2021

06/01/2021 12:08 AM By Lisa Anderson
June 2021, Vol. 1, Issue No. 1

A Day in the Life

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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Ocala,

I firmly believe everyone in our city has a story to tell. The mission of my company, Lisa Anderson Media, is to tell the human story and bring people together. It started with one magazine, The Chews Letter, where we invite everyone, no matter their diet, to join us at the table. Now, we’re focusing on the heart of our community—YOU!

Stories about who we are, where we come from, and our dreams, triumphs, failures, mistakes, achievements, and capacity for love and hate make us human. Our ancestors told stories so people and traditions would not be forgotten. It’s our stories that tie us together as a community. Pull one thread and you’ll understand how we’re connected.

This first issue is so precious to me because people like Patrice Perron, Joshua Jacobs, Algenard Simmons, and others trusted me to write a page in their book. It takes courage to open up and share your history and your future hopes with your community.

It is my hope you’ll enjoy the content we provide, as we weave the tales through this magazine, our website, and our social media sites. Be sure to follow us @localamag on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, as some of our stories will continue online throughout the month and others will have expanded content available on our blog.

I hope you enjoy learning about the people in your community.

Most Sincerely, Lisa Anderson
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