Locala Magazine, November 2022

11/01/2022 12:01 AM By Lisa Anderson
November 2022, Vol. 02, Issue No. 06


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CORRECTION: Misspelled name in Access. The correct spelling is Margie Kluess.

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Letter from the Editor
Jodi Anderson
Jodi Anderson

Dear Ocala,

The approaching holidays are a good time to look back on the past year and remember what we are grateful for. Bill Ross (page 8) is deeply thankful for his unusual upbringing as a child of Deaf parents, and Margie Kleuss (page 23), an executive who relies on hearing aids, is appreciative of a team that helps her manage expectations and challenges. Darcee Moreno (page 16) is grateful that it’s never too late to discover your true self. In The Chews Letter, Chef Tucker Bengoa (page 33) draws on his cherished childhood memories to make delicious and creative food.

This time of year, we also think more about our fellow humans and how we can be of service. Cindi Quick (page 28) looks back on how her past mistakes led to a surprising career, which allows her to help veterans, and retired Dr. David Elliot (page 14) reflects on his career in hospice care, helping his patients die in peace. In our From the Paddock department, Marla Bauknecht (page 19) recalls the twists and turns in her career that culminated in one that helps animals and humans.

We are grateful for a few things, too. First, we love that The Appleton Museum of Art offers such a spectrum of cultural riches; in this issue, they chat with poet and artist Debora Gregor (page 37). And we are excited about Ocala’s growing arts community. This month, get to know Ronda Richley, a visual and fine arts artist (page 39).

On a personal note, I am thankful for and proud of my insanely talented sister Lisa Anderson, who is the heart and soul of Locala. I am honored to be a part of her incredible vision and to work with a stellar team, making something we can be proud of every single month.

Thank you for supporting our little magazine. We are indebted to our readers, who have helped us grow, and we hold so much gratitude for the recognition we have received in and beyond our lovely community.

We wish you joy and peace in this holiday season!

All My Best, Jodi
Trip Green, Esq.