Managing Post-COVID

06/01/2023 01:23 AM By Lisa Anderson
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Lisa Midgett
Interviewed by Lisa Anderson • Photo by Lisa Anderson

Managing Post-COVID

Lisa Midgett Opens Up About Her Symptoms & Treatment

I found out that parts of my brain  were affected by COVID,  and  [it] affected the part of my brain that helps you recognize people. 

-Lisa Midgett

Surely, you know Lisa Midgett. If not, you are most likely familiar with some of her past and present businesses and non-profits in the community. Have you visited the NOMA Gallery or its namesake, the NOMA Blackbox at the Reilly Arts Center? Have you heard of the new non-profit Arts in Health Ocala Metro?

Whether your answer is yes or no, there is no denying Lisa’s passion for business and this community. In fact, both were evident when she sat down to interview for the January 2022 issue.

Shortly after the issue came out, however, Lisa seemingly disappeared from the public eye. What happened? In the spring of 2022, she had COVID-19. It did not land her in the hospital, but the effects have changed her life. Don’t miss this open and honest podcast interview, where Lisa describes what life has been like for her this past year and what it means for the future.
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Lisa Anderson