Motivated by Acceleration

06/01/2023 02:41 AM By Lisa Anderson
Middle-aged woman in navy blue patterned dress with black short sleeve cardigan with dark hair in a bun standing outside in front of white brick building and greenery
Annette Garcia
Interviewed by Lisa Anderson • Photo by Joshua Jacobs

Motivated by Acceleration

A Teacher’s New Journey

I still find it  terrible how kids don’t like to read. [It] is such  a great escape from the craziness of the world.

-Annette Garcia

In September 2021, Locala took a close look at some of the hard-working teachers in our community. Annette Garcia was featured in one of those articles with her co-worker Rhonda Williams.

Annette and Rhonda both worked at Forest High School, but since then, Annette’s path has diverged. She has found a way to help students in all subjects and meet them where they are academically.

In her original interview, Annette admitted she never thought she had the patience to be a teacher, but to her surprise, she was wrong. Teaching is her passion, and her students and her own children are her pride and joy.

It was so much fun having Annette back to discuss all she has been doing since her first visit in 2021. In this podcast interview, you’ll hear Annette discuss her new career path and catch up a little bit on her home-life.
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