Overcoming Tragedy

01/12/2023 04:37 PM By Lisa Anderson
Locala Podcast
Hosted by Lisa Anderson

Overcoming Tragedy: One Woman's Story of Strength

Podcast Episode 17


Tanesha Mills, a mother of six and author, shared her story of strength and perseverance on podcast episode 17. Tanesha met her husband when she was just 14 years old and they married at the age of 21. They had six children together and were married for 20 years before they divorced. Tragically, just over a year later, Tanesha's husband passed away from COVID.

Throughout her life, Tanesha has faced many challenges but she has always found a way to push through them and come out stronger on the other side. In her podcast interview, Tanesha explains how she used her faith in God and the Word to help her through difficult times. She also shares how she has used her experiences to help others by becoming a spiritual lifestyle coach.

Tanesha has also published five books, which are a combination of journal workbooks and autobiographies. Each one tells a different part of her story and is meant to be both entertaining and practical. Tanesha's first book, Beautiful Ashes, is about her journey of rebuilding her life and identity after everything she had built for herself was burned down.

Tanesha's story is an inspiration to many and her books offer practical advice for anyone going through a difficult time. We encourage you to listen to the podcast and check out her books for more of Tanesha's powerful story.

Lisa Anderson