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09/30/2022 02:33 AM By Lisa Anderson
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Dr. Manal Fakhoury
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Inspire Your Team in the Midst of Difficult Decisions

We all bring natural gifts to our careers. Discovering your natural leadership qualities is an excellent way to inspire others to also find their own strengths.

Communicate Your Vision

One of the secrets to wild success is honing your leadership vision and communicating it to others. Inspiration is what pushes people to plow through difficult times and to work on achieving their goals even when times are undemanding. You define yourself with your brand. Refocus and sharpen your identity often, so you will inspire those on your team.

Knowing your team’s, and your own, communication styles is one of the qualities of a good leader that will inspire your team and strengthen your business the most. Leaders don’t just communicate information to their team, they also know how to communicate goals and their vision to get their team excited.
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The best leaders know that words transform emotions and lead to breakthroughs. Like many important leadership qualities, being an effective communicator is often more about what you don’t do than what you do. Constructive communication often means closing your mouth and opening your ears. Deep listening and asking thoughtful questions shows that you care about your employees’ contributions.

Make the Tough Calls

Every single person in a leadership role of any kind sometimes has to make difficult decisions. The ability to be decisive can mean the difference between getting through a tough time or crisis and folding under pressure. Making these kinds of calls doesn’t always mean you will be well-loved, but when you use good judgment to make decisions, it will earn you the respect of others.

Even if you make a wrong decision and need to correct it, showing decisiveness during tough times is a better leadership quality than waiting around for something to happen or letting others make the decision for you. An effective leader is one who makes the decision that is right, not the decision that is easy.

Not every decision will be the right one. Knowing you and your leaders can make decisions, regardless of the outcome, makes the journey more enjoyable. Leaning into your natural gifts will help you make better decisions.

Lisa Anderson