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12/01/2021 12:47 AM By Lisa Anderson
Breaking Social Norms
Patricia Wagner
Patricia Wagner
Story & Photo by Lisa Anderson


One Woman Shares Her Vision of Living from the Heart

In 2019, Patricia Wagner stood up in front of the TEDx Ocala audience and gave a talk called Living in Heart-Centered Gratitude. Nerve-shaking as this might be for most people, it was a huge step in Patricia’s life and a dream fulfillment of delivering her message. As a child, she was terrified of speaking. “I was so fearful to speak to anyone outside my core family. That stayed with me my whole life. I’ve had to work so hard to speak.”

Her sister would often need to answer for Patricia when someone spoke to her in public, but that didn’t stop her from being ambitious in her career. When she left the corporate workforce, in 1998, she was the Director of Public Space Management for the Tampa Downtown Partnership. The decision to leave was a spiritual one for her.

Patricia became a New Thought minister and teacher, a certified energy healing instructor, a lifelong meditator, and she opened her own company Grace Unlimited, Inc., in 2000. She had a message she wanted to bring to the world. “If I were to share with you a way to create heaven on earth, would you do it?” she asks at the opening of her TEDx talk.
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The focus of her message is living in gratitude and creating heaven on earth through the understanding that we are one with God. She conducts free workshops: “7-Day Heart Centered Gratitude Experiments” and “The Divine Two Step: Self-Actualizing Practices for Awakening in Oneness.” On a flyer explaining a vision she had in 1999, Patricia writes, “There was an awareness that the purpose of every life experience—every thought, every relationship, every circumstance, every moment on earth—is for realizing our oneness with God.”

Through her talks and workshops, Patricia hopes to bring peace, unity, and above all, gratitude to her students and the world. “It’s not going to take all of us to embody them, but it is going to take a collective utilizing these self-regulating, self-actualizing practices to cause the paradigm shift on the planet into peace on earth—heaven on earth,” she states, referring to visions she had, which she now calls Two Doors Vision, Looking for Light, and The Christ Chalice.
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