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Championing the Arts
Ocala, FL | Born in St. Augustine, Jaye Baillie has lived in Ocala since the age of 2, so the Florida native has been part of the town’s evolution through the decades.
09/01/2022 02:20 AM - Comment(s)
Sagi Asokan
Ocala, FL | When Fine Arts for Ocala (FAFO) launched in 1966, Sagi Asokan was a young woman living on the other side of the world in her hometown of Tamilnadu, India.
09/01/2022 02:11 AM - Comment(s)
For the Love of FAFO
Ocala, FL | Beth Cannon is the president of the Fine Arts for Ocala (FAFO) board, a proud mother of two children, and a dog lover. Learn more about her story in our August 2022 issue.
07/30/2022 04:15 PM - Comment(s)
Printing Money
Ocala, FL | Teddy Sykes loves art and he is incredibly grateful for the successes he has had as an artist. Learn more about his story in our July 2022 issue.
07/01/2022 12:50 AM - Comment(s)
Local Illustrator Uplifts the Community
Ocala, FL | Maggie Weakley illustrates her way through life. Learn more about her in our June 2022 issue!
06/01/2022 12:55 AM - Comment(s)
The Florida Children's Brain Tumor Foundation
Ocala, FL | Trip Green is dedicated to helping to support children's cancer research after witnessing the devasting effects of brain cancer with his son.
06/01/2022 12:35 AM - Comment(s)
McKenzie's Moment
Ocala, FL | The Gray family take tragedy and grow it into a noble cause.
04/01/2022 06:50 AM - Comment(s)
Ignite for Ocala
Ocala, FL | Ignite for Ocala raises money to benefit Project Hope.
03/01/2022 12:59 AM - Comment(s)