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Full Speed Ahead
Ocala FL | Growing up on a coffee bean farm in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, William Rullan was a horse-crazy kid, who rode all the time.
09/01/2022 03:05 AM - Comment(s)
The Sweetest Ride
Ocala FL | Cayla Van der Walt is the picture of strength and perseverance. Through cancer and quarantine, this Equine Paralympian has come out on top and feels comfortable in the saddle.
07/30/2022 11:23 AM - Comment(s)
Vougeot & Abbey
Ocala, FL | Abbey Slaven and her horse Vougeot have a unique bond. Read this story in our July 2022 issue.
07/01/2022 12:20 AM - Comment(s)
A Happily Full Plate
Ocala, FL | Catherine Sears has learned a lot from her father, but what she is teaching our next generation is therapeutic to say the least.
06/01/2022 12:06 AM - Comment(s)
Falling in Love
Ocala FL | Laurine has grown up around horses and there's no sign of that changing!
04/29/2022 12:03 AM - Comment(s)
Living Her Dream
Ocala, FL | Sadé Cain's future career started with a pony ride at just two years old.
03/01/2022 02:40 AM - Comment(s)
Foundation Thoroughbred Family Gives Back
Ocala, FL | Bonnie & Kim Heath have a heart-felt calling. Read their story in our February 2022 issue.
02/01/2022 03:05 AM - Comment(s)
Healing Horses, Helping Humans
Ocala, FL | Dr. Alberto Rullan is a premiere veterinarian and he uses his knowledge to not only help horses but also people. Read his story in our November 2021 issue.
11/01/2021 02:11 AM - Comment(s)