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A Unique Table
Ocala, FL | Sabrina Lewis always had a dream of time freedom, and when an employer tried to put a time limit on her grief after her mother passed away, Sabrina made the change. Now she spends her days making pretty cheese boards clients.
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Love Finds a Way
Ocala, FL | Alicia and Tina Northcott hadn't expected to fall in love. Both recovering alcoholics, this story will truly inspire you to make it through difficult times. Read this incredible story of love, sobriety, and support.
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The Golden Rule
Ocala, FL | Discover the inspiring story of a Florida mother's journey of adopting a deaf child from Korea & overcoming obstacles to provide him a full life.
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Born Original
Ocala FL | Discover the inspiring journey of Tim Smith, who found the courage to be true to himself and overcome prejudice in the process.
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Ocala FL | A mother shares her journey of learning and accepting her child's gender identity and becoming an advocate for the LGBTQ community.
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Pretty Woman
Ocala FL | A drag queen, Rodney Harper, shares his experience of growing up, chasing rainbows and finding his true self. He also talks about his journey to become a bearded drag queen and his current role as a vice president of Ocala Pride.
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Shared Passion
Ocala, FL | Discover the story of Ken Wade, a Harvard-educated inventor, and entrepreneur who found unexpected layers and friendships through mountain biking, and learn how he became a passionate biker.
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Locala Magazine, February 2023
Ocala, FL | Vol. 2, No. 9 | Discover stories of love, acceptance, and community from the LGBTQIA+ community in Locala's latest issue. Embrace diversity, kindness and connections through our stories.
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