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Printing Money
Ocala, FL | Teddy Sykes loves art and he is incredibly grateful for the successes he has had as an artist. Learn more about his story in our July 2022 issue.
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Tipping Point
Ocala, FL | Food has been the common language for Stacey and Orlando León from the beginning. Read their story in The Chews Letter in the July 2022 issue.
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The Mission Doesn't End
Ocala, FL | Brandy Forman and Sandi Cornell felt a calling to serve others. Although they took separate paths to their practice, Dignity Counseling. Read about their journeys in our July 2022 issue.
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Vougeot & Abbey
Ocala, FL | Abbey Slaven and her horse Vougeot have a unique bond. Read this story in our July 2022 issue.
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A Twist of Fate
Ocala, FL | Harry Spencer is a well-respected business owner, but it was a tough road to get there. Read his story in our July 2022 issue now.
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A Hard Fall
Ocala, FL | Tyler Friend found determination, positivity, and a love for exercise and work after his battle with addiction and jail. Read his story now.
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Look to the Stars
Ocala, FL | Jen Burke lost herself to addiction at a very young age. Learn how she found her way to Soul Essentials in our July 2022 issue.
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The Sound of Silence
Ocala, FL | Jay Marty Hernandez lost his hearing overnight at the tender age of 13. Learn how he fought his way this trying time in life in our July 2022 issue.
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Locala Magazine, July 2022
Ocala, FL | Locala is a local, Ocala magazine telling the stories of those in our community. In the July 2022 issue, read about those who made a fresh start for themselves in Ocala.
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