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Breaking Bread
Ocala, FL | Susan Damien lives a life of service: From nurse practitioner to co-owner of the Off Duty Tavern, she loves to serve.
03/01/2022 03:38 AM - Comment(s)
The Right Direction Without the Wrong Intention
Ocala, FL | Trevor DeShaw believes in living a life with a giver's mentality.
03/01/2022 03:21 AM - Comment(s)
Living Her Dream
Ocala, FL | Sadé Cain's future career started with a pony ride at just two years old.
03/01/2022 02:40 AM - Comment(s)
Finding Joy
Ocala, FL | Cassidy Murray went from uncertainty to security during the 2020 lockdown.
03/01/2022 02:19 AM - Comment(s)
Ocala, FL | Before Heather Mason worked at The Fiery Chef, she was a waitress on the cusp of the pandemic.
03/01/2022 02:07 AM - Comment(s)
Looking for Peace
Ocala, FL | Crystal Ash hasn't stopped since COVID began. Read her story now.
03/01/2022 01:30 AM - Comment(s)
1,508 Experiments
Ocala, FL | Angelo Morini almost quit before his big discovery. Read his story now!
03/01/2022 01:00 AM - Comment(s)
Locala Magazine, March 2022
In this issue of Locala™, a local Ocala magazine, we remember the 2020 lockdown.
02/28/2022 02:55 AM - Comment(s)